Right on Route 66 in Holbrook, AZ is the next-to-last Wigwam Village ever constructed… Wigwam Village Motel No. 6. This nationally registered historic motel is one of the most popular spots along Route 66, even if it’s just for a picture or two...

Route 66, in a literal sense, no longer exists. The highway that once connected the nation, from Santa Monica to Chicago, was decommissioned in 1985, deconstructed piecemeal into a series of nondescript and neglected streets, a tired and abandoned road to nowhere. It is very difficult, in the modern day, to drive down Route 66; you can try and follow a map, but to do so is an exercise in frustration. You are no longer going from point A to point B. Because the interstates have rendered what was once a simple route ineffably complex.


Wigwam Village Motel No. 6

811 W Hopi Dr