Images: Imaxtree

It’s the time again when it dawns on us that leaves run gold to rust and temperature drops down, and we’ve entered the cold season! Mornings will be switch to another routine, and as we get dressed, we know it’s time to dust off our overcoat, check our jumpers for moth holes and search for the wool scarf we haven’t seen since March. You already know the drill for a wardrobe switch up to the new temperature, just like last year…pieces for layers and warmers!

Here’s some of the style tips that would lift up your weather transition style:


Look for blocked neutral shades – grey, tan or brown – to neutralize the impact of any bold tones. Although monochromatic look is never a bad idea, why not drop some colors to add some fun on your outfit. Just echo the changing leaves in rust, military green and mustard, for an on-trend touch of color that won’t look like you’ve just stepped off the beach.


Knitted jumpers for smart-casual wear and dressing down your tailoring, sweatshirts for casual getup.


Army boots, unusually thick lug soles, shoe-trainer hybrids – they’re all fair game. You need your soles to grip on the wet, icy pavement, to keep your ankles warm and such. Strong, confident boots that will give your brogues a break are a definite ‘yes’ for a winter pick-me-up. Fyi, I love a good suede Chelsea boot!



You think this is just for the sunny season? No. Style perspective, shades finish off your winter look, add mystery and act as efficient shields – when people are cranky due to the weather, or when you’re tired, have a cold or just don’t want to be too accessible. However, stay away from bright, summery frames. Keep them neutral or in classic tortoiseshell.


Swap you leather briefcase to backpack or brogues to trainers? Be comfy and play with your looks (but of course not looking a ridiculous one :>) Look at the most formal items in your wardrobe and pick one to completely turn your back on, replacing it with the most relaxed, nonchalant substitute you can get away with.

This style tip is quick and pretty easy, you’ll just need to give a little bit of imagination on how to wear the stuff in your wardrobe.

Have Fun!