Manhattan to Malibu...Beverly Hills to Bora Bora... Michael Kors SS2018 will transport you there!
The Michael Kors man mixes urban tailoring with tropical ease…crushes pinstripes pair with bold palm prints. Relaxed jackets, cabana shirts, pleated trousers and shorts play-off with textural knits and softly draped tees. The mariner duffel, refined backpacks and the luxe take on the sport sandals are screaming my name!
While women’s pieces is all about ease, the relaxed attitude of sarongs, kimonos and pajamas juxtaposed with oversized menswear tailoring is just glorious to see. Laid-back jackets, trenches, shirts, shorts, trousers and the luxe sweatshirt are truly a must have pieces. Barefoot glamour for evening can be achievable in some dressed-up pieces, like going on fractional layering whilst catching the breeze with chiffon, linen gauze and georgette, scarf skirts and dresses, the streamer shirt and poets blouses are also a must have.
Tints of rosewater, wisteria and cornflowers are decadent details, whilst a mix of blues from surf and maritime water, crisp tones of black and white, earthy shades of sands, pearl and smoke play-off of peanut and acorn are such perfect hues for the season. It is refreshing.
Artisanal detailing stands out on this collection, made it look strong and bold. Hand-weaving, tie-dye and dimensional embroidery like painterly takes on tropical palms. One to take note for your shopping list are those oversized shoulder sack, softly knotted sandals and satchels and of course the ultra luxe croc flip flops!