“To design a forward-looking men’s fashion wardrobe built around fluidity, freshness and colour but enriched by the possibility of adding your own hint of personality and style, I couldn’t imagine a better place than this courtyard, where I often spent time in my youth reading, writing and sketching,” -Alessandro Sartori

There’s something on luxury streetwear and it’s youthful approach, it is visibly dominating the market and the trends. Gone are the moments of divided contrast, instead, a celebration of fusion…interesting and modern. Washed silks, Century cashmere, mohair, and perforated leather
 can now party in one look. And it is pretty appealing to see sneakers on a casual business gatherings (well of course, unless you’re wearing it lit). he Italian designer favors fluid and delicate silhouettes, contrasting proportions and a relaxed mood. Tops instead of shirts, layered tank tops, tailored pants and joggers. Active details finish it all off: oversized hand-sewn pockets, maxi hoods and Triple Stitch logos.

Interesting take on color shade “blocking” as well, of natural nuances, walnut, vicuna, freesia, lotus, cypress, lotus, cypress, aquamarine, white
 and geranium (Geraniums come in a host of colors, from the traditional white, red and pink to the more exotic orange and purple…oh i love google!). I love how organic the palette of this collection, something I could see myself wearing in Marrakech and Casablanca…