Down the very center of Munich a hospitality goes 'beyond' your expectations....and offers true luxury: Time, discretion and one-of-a-kind experience.

Every hotel guest has an individual world of preferences and personal tastes. Personality and experience help shape our desires, especially for those things that make us feel comfortable and happy. The challenge for hoteliers is to be proactive instead of reactive, to be able to read what guests are going to want instead of waiting for them to make their desires known. Personalized or customized experience/product, or by allowing guests to express themselves and their personalities. Imagine the impact on customer satisfaction, brand identity and customer loyalty if your hotel can go beyond “surprising and delighting” guests to actually helping them learn something about themselves.

Down the very center of Munich a hospitality goes ‘beyond’ your expectations. Just like the newly opened hotel in Munich where I recently visited. BEYOND by Geisel located in the middle of Marienplatz and just exactly across and eye level of Rathausglockenspiel where Munich’s glorified cuckoo clock is located. Everyday at 11am, 12pm & 5pm [except from Nov-Feb, the 5pm doesn’t occur] the motorized figurines dance, joust, and twirl around inside of the tower. Truly a classic art performance that is delightful to see.

Marienplatz- the epicentral heart and soul of the Altstadt, Marienplatz is a popular gathering spot and packs a lot of personality into a compact frame. It’s anchored by the Mariensäule, built in 1638 to celebrate victory over Swedish forces during the Thirty Years’ War. This is the busiest spot in all Munich, throngs of tourists swarming across its expanse from early morning till late at night. But for Beyond’s guest, it’ll be a sight to see first thing in the morning and before going to bed.

BEYOND is one unique place that offers a hospitality experience that is beyond the standard service of any luxury hotels.  Time, discretion and differentness -is what Beyond’s prime aspect in their luxury services. It’s like a home away from home where everyone in the hotel will treat you like the host instead of a guest. You’ll have your own time to have breakfast/lunch/dinner anywhere you want it. You’ll have your time to drink as much as you want, time to go out and comeback anytime you like. And anyone in Beyond team will take care of your stay…

And that all is for ONE PRICE!

Unlike most hotels, this particular hotel doesn’t have a visible wide entrance, instead a discreet door that will take you up to the main entrance where you will be greeted by most of the team who will be taking care of everything you need during your stay.

It has the bar/kitchen where you can have your drinks or watch the chef while preparing your meal. The main lobby also the library has a sky view room, shelves with handpicked and carefully curated books are displayed where guest are free to use.  


The bar/lounge has a stunning view of the city’s town hall and Marienplatz. A tasteful choice of lounge chairs, marble tables and an ambiance that screams class!

In Beyond, there are 19 rooms from 29– up to 57 m² in sizes and in which all the doors are discreetly designed like walls. The designs of the rooms: Modern, functional, earth-tone palettes and very cozy. I stayed in O category with the view of the town hall and the cuckoo clock. It has a comfortable king size bed, lounge set, office/dresser table that holds the mini bar (inclusive), a bathtub to die for, rain shower and all the perfect amenities are included.


Prices varies on each concept room from about 300 euros (or less depending on day/season) and above, also prices includes everything except for any special request . The exclusive package which more likely you will have everything in the hotel including a limousine ride wherever you want to go. To request the prices click <here>

Also you can check out their custom offering <here>

Booking and contact

Marienplatz 22
80331 Munich

Phone: +49 89 700 746 700
Fax: +49 89 700 746 722