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7132 Hotel Vals, Switzerland
Best in the Art of Alpine Luxury...

Vals, Switzerland- a town situated in one of the highest alpine valleys of Grisons has long been the destination of choice for its mountains, climate and skiing area with snow and the thermal baths. 7123 Hotel- unusual name, yet a remarkable address that will take your bustling city worries away. An Alpine contemporary hotel which overlooks the luscious everlasting beauty of nature.

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7132 is the Vals postcode and the hotel’s new name. Undivided attention, passion and surprise. This is what 7132 stands for.


Architecture and its art form is a recurring theme throughout the hotel, when best of Ando, Kuma, Mayne, Zumthor are fused together it became a significant point of beauty- a place where art meets hospitality in one true breath-taking place.


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It’s welcoming. Not just because of the warm hues of its walls and well decorated centerpieces, it’s actually because of smiles that greeted every guest. It opens the mood of a great staycation.

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The rooms are well conceptualized and designed, giving a luxury living with the basis of artistry. Well lit, modern and minimalist. Basically the entire hotel is like a contemporary architectural museum proudly presenting the incredible designs of:

Ando Suite by Tado Ando, Japanese architect and Pritzker prize-winner who designed the rooms reminiscent of the subtle aesthetics of Japanese tea houses.

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Kuma Suite by Kengu Kuma, also a Japanese architect who brought the finesse of Japanese carpentry into the rooms designs. Kuma has created a cozy cocoon that literally envelopes guests in modern Swiss oak panels.

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Thom Mayne, an American architect and Pritzker prize-winner designed two versions of rooms. The Mayne Wood, three-dimensional paneled room with indigenous wood. And the shower stands alone in the room as an organic sculpture.

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Mayne Stone room which brilliantly feature the Vals very own quartzite throughout. It also features an organically shaped all-glass shower that reminds me of the space pods.

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The Zumthor Suite by Peter Zumthor, Swiss architect and Pritzker prize-winner. His rooms feature impressive Stucco lustro, a plasterwork technique dating back to the Italian renaissance. Stucco lustro is a plasterwork technique of the Italian Renaissance. Zumthor has used it to combine unique, refreshingly colourful rooms with hand-painted curtains made of Habotai silk.


Penthouse Suite

The fully equipped 90 m2suite designed by Kengo Kuma offers impressively simple elegance, breathtaking views and luxurious privacy. Modern Japanese contemporary minimalism also includes helicopter and limousine transfer.

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From CHF 1’220/person you can experience a complimentary helicopter pick-up and drop-off from any location in Switzerland to the Hotel. Check the packages > HERE.


If, after a long day of sightseeing, trekking or skiing and mid-mountain lunches, you’re looking forward to a great meal, the 7132 gastronomy offering won’t disappoint. With the perfect balance of fine-dining and casual, traditional restaurants, there is something to suit any mood.

We don’t just meet expectations –
we exceed them

Silver Restaurant


Awarded with 2 Michelin-Star and 17 points Gault Millau. A passion and precision for creating inimitable culinary experiences. For gastronomy experts or simply for gourmets. Head Chef Sven Wassmer and Head Sommelier Amanda Wassmer Bulgin have put the 7132 Silver Restaurant on the international fine dining map in no time at all. They serve a Surprise Menu (9 or 12 courses) from CHF 225/person and drinks pairing from CHF 125/per person.

Red Restaurant

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Classics to suit every taste

Chef Ulf Bladt and maître d’hôtel Andrea Orgiu serve popular classics in the RED Restaurant with attention to detail. Red Restaurant also serves the best Swiss breakfast buffet for CHF 35/person.

Blue Bar

For afternoon tea or apéritif , the BLUE Bar is the perfect place for it – all day long. And in the evening, the BLUE also serves an after-dinner cocktail with the sounds of live jazz music serenading. Just imagine everything is beautiful around…

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Pizzeria DAPAPÀ


If you fancy a pizza just like mama’s? DAPAPÀ serves the best home-made pizza and pastas in the valley of Vals. The Cesare, Salumi and Squadra are also their best.

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Thermal Bath and Spa

This is the main highlight of all 7132 can offer. Known as a masterpiece of Vals famous quartzite. The thermal baths are a magnificent, internationally acclaimed architectural masterpiece created by Peter Zumthor. Made from 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite, the thermal baths were classified as a listed building shortly after completion.

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The unique atmosphere and the highly mineral water that comes out of St. Peter’s spring at a pleasant 30° Celsius makes the time you spend in the baths a deeply relaxing experience. A perfect marriage of architecture and nature, it reveals a harmony between light and shadow, and open and enclosed areas, that makes for a sensuous and restorative, not to mention inspiring, experience. The spa exploits the calcium and iron-rich natural spring water, and there are several indoor pools at various temperatures, plus a big outdoor pool with views of the surrounding mountains – particularly magical by moonlight.

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This place offers a one-of-a-kind hospitality and experiences both during summer and winter. During summer, the sky is clear blue with cotton-like clouds playfully hugging the peaks of the mountains. Throughout is breath-taking and its lush greenery. The wind is so fresh kissing your cheek, and one I can assure you is you definitely will feast on the magnificent mother nature. You can trek the mountain and see the amazing view which is a truly wonder or drive up until you reach the Zevreilasee and wander around the Staudamm- one of the highest man-made dam in the world. It’s a high mountain reservoir at an elevation of 1.862 meter above sea level. Though the road is asphalted, pretty narrow and really steep but it offers the most amazing view of the place.


During winter season, watch the dance of the snowflakes in the 36° Celsius outdoor pool and catch them on your tongue. Then view the mountain peaks as you relax on a lounger in a cozy bathrobe. Unwind and switch into off mode. Empty your mind. Think of nothing at all. Except perhaps which Bordeaux you’d like to enjoy with the gourmet menu later that evening. Or whether you’d like to tackle that deep powder slope with the private ski instructor the next day. Check out the town of Vals offering .


Truly Hotel 7132 embodies the Art of Alpine Luxury- perfecting the hospitality, gastronomy and architecture in one postal code. Thank you!

For more information about 7132 visit www.7132.com or ring +41 58 7132 000.

Photo courtesy: 7132 Hotel